To: God; From: Emilie

Day by day,

When I've lost all control,

I hear you say,

"Hush- let my peace take hold."

You are my one,

My only wise God.

To serve you means life-

Who cares if I'm "odd?"


Ridiculed... taunted... shamed! But not grieved,

These burdens are worth all the gifts I've received.

You've given me life!

And comfort!

And hope!

And now, thanks to you,

I don't need to wander,

Alone, in the dark,

Or scared in the yonder.

In this broken-down world,

Full of distrust and pain;

You've given me roots,

And you have nothing gained.

So why do you love me?

So full and so deep?

When I think of my guilt and my shame...

I just weep.

I'm so far from perfect- I yell and I fail


Yet your love still prevails.

Oh Amazing Grace!

My God and my All,

Compared to you,

My life is small.


When I cry out, alone,

And tear up my soul;

You hear all my pleas

And again make me whole.

My Savior, my Comforter, and my Best Friend,

You give me your life-

Which will last without end.


God, you're my one hope,

The one thing that I need.

Thank you, oh thank you,

For always loving me.

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