God Bless America

Thu, 04/11/2013 - 11:32 -- IvySims


United States
33° 26' 50.8488" N, 84° 10' 30.594" W

Everyday we wage war
against othe countries
but in reality we are at war with ourselves
everyday we wage war
on our own people
calling them fags
calling them unholy
calling them unimportant and hurtful names
we fight inner battles of what should be questioned,
but yet we still continue to destroy each other in the name of god
but god doesnt kill people, we do .
Every day we wage war in the form of rape and sexual abuse
on our own family and friends
we are all brothers and sisters of lost blood beneath our feet,
fought in the name of freedom,
yet we cant grant each other the freedom to live.
but yet we are known as America the land of the Free.

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