Is what we all want

I call them foolish desires

and as the woman sitting next to you desires my nature.

I cannot recreate such a scene as Adam and Eve

Because 1 plus 1 makes a whole

and we as man often tend to pursue that hole.

That happens to be our goal

 and it tends to get old

 and I can't tell the next man nothing

 cause his pride sits on the floor.

 Earth is certainly cold

and I obviously don't mean temperature.

Cause that woman that you want

don't want nothing but your six figures.

Yeah that was deep.

 But as the foolish count their sheep

 I was taught never then to sleep

 until my goals were complete.

But my infatuation clouds my judgment.

And I'm not at my best 

Cause the materials I possess

Make me no better than the next

And yeah obviously I dream

 of my face on the the screen

And my name being hollered by millions

As the repeat "Tyrell. Tyrell"

And poof I snap back to reality

Falling like gravity

No ones there to stop me

Soon I'm realizing what were put on this earth to do.

To live day by day and combat the anomalies.

Until I RIP Or rest indeed 

that's what I shall do before I pack my things.


these are the things that as students we all dream.

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