Go Beyond

Fly, fly reach up and cry
Soar high you just need to find
Another place, to find some time
To think about your life ahead

Every time you think that time again
You think that everything is out of time
running out of time

Although there maybe things in your way
You just have to push whatever it takes
You know you’re more, deep down inside in your head
Just let it shine through and don’t regret

Hiding inside your soul that’s all you do
Being a star that never shines through
Though there are things you want to believe
Just figure it out and don’t disagree

But mainly you got to have other ways
Just as long you know what it takes
Don’t sacrifice all that you do
Just let yourself shine whatever you do

Sometimes you think that things will never change
And never find a way out of your darkest day
But sometimes you just need a friend to help
To guide you when nothing else can

But you, can, help those in need
Help those of yours who love you and plead
“Don’t, go. Don’t go away from here you think that everyone doesnt care about you
But everyone does care about you”
But time and time and time and again
Youre gonna fly away high
Gonna make another time
Cause every time you go around again
Every time you want to be back again
You want to be happily away

Fly, fly, reach up and sigh
You, know, that time will fly
Just don’t forget yourself in this mad world
Just fly, fly, like no one else could

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