Glowing While Growing Up

I haven’t stopped thinking about Jessica. Sitting on the floor of her old bedroom, she told us about that night.
Glowing with her “true” love,

as he held her, closely touching the black dress that hugged her body
as tightly as he.


I haven’t stopped thinking about Jessica, since I learned,
the taste of the drink
she’d just gotten

would be taken from her
for nine months.

“Well, she could get rid of it.” Well, she could, but my friend, you don’t know Jessica. Wanting nothing but

to feel true love
She would have that,
even if they haven’t met yet.

But, she’s had it all along.
In her father,
who’s tossing in his grave.
In her mother,
who wouldn’t see her grow up. In her second mother,
who’ll see her grow up too fast. In her brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts, uncles, and in me.

Especially me
Me who remembers
fights with friends,
holding her close on that night,

working together,

drifting apart


Especially drifting apart
Now, as if one love wasn’t enough, she’ll have two

controlling her like a magnet,
while she repels the rest of us
and we all start to go our separate ways. 


This poem is about: 
My family


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