Glow Up Poetry Slam Scholarship

Money doesn’t grow on trees

Which was clearly hard for me to see

I’d ask my mom to buy for me

Dresses and clothes and straight shopping sprees


I’d insist on some beautiful jewelry

The best daughter at some good foolery

Despite the high price tags,

I’d beg and cry and nag


Until one day

My mom began to say

“Hey, did you know,

That what I’m about to say is for you to grow,


And I’m begging you on my knees

To see that money does not grow on trees!”

I stood stock-still,

Could it be that I had an empty want to fill?


All those purchases and price tags

Were in fact more worthless than the bag

Which my clothes went in

After I spread my mom’s money thin.


It took me a day

It took me a long way

But it hit hard

I knew what I had to start


To use my money for good things

For things that didn’t include exorbitant rings

For things that were called “necessities”

To be grateful for the lack of disabilities


For some couldn’t even walk

Some couldn’t even talk

Yet I was here spending!

And to think that some had to resort to lending…


I made up my mind precisely

From then on I’d spend wisely

I’d no longer waste my mom’s cash

For things that I thought I needed in my stash.


And now I can proudly say

What I remember from that day

And I look back and laugh

Because now what I spend is almost half!

This poem is about: 
Our world


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