"The Glossy Morning Breeze"

The murk overlaps
the dawn; around
Eye-opener thereupon.
Therefore, the glossy morning
Breeze passes by; blowing steadily
And murmuring my ears.
Hides a message inside his mouth

With my deep and glassy slumber,
A soulless body trembles
instantaneously that would me
scream and say: "O-morning breeze,
'O-morning breeze, if you happen to
Pass through in-depth of my
Grubby heart; shake the
impure blood out of the veins."

The morning breeze calls, " listen
To this, do as I tell you ;
Make hay while the sun shines."
But it's light no more,
Loathes my yard. Darkness steals
my bleeding-soul why?

'0 look at the tempest in
my dry eyes, my ears as an unbroken wall,
My teeth as fangs and toes as paws!
The body as shoddy scare-crow

Have a mercy 'o lord! Truth
Drops, from disguise to guise,
Soul to body, man to animal,
Savage to civilisation, humanity
To in humility and angel to devil.

Now, bestow wings to my arms;
Foster and unwind.Thy praise
And twisted smile. But gloom
Still absurd.Only if the blood to
be resurrected that confess
Me a very simple life.
Muhammad Rafi Malik (M.R.Malik)

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