Fri, 02/22/2019 - 21:32 -- spyrkle


in this silly rain

for the lonely me

inside this tomb

who cries out

without words

for the blazing flame

of another’s heart

to lie beside mine

yet turns away

from the heat;


no more,

screams the foolish me

with fearful heart

that is scorched

by every glance

and scarred

by every smile

so in this rain

i wash away

all feeling


please stop,

whispers the dying star

of my crying heart

that yearns for joy

against these bolts

that strike with dread

nailed into my skull-


love me,

the world begs,

and i reach out

with these shaking hands

to the burning flame

that embraces my skin

and could not burn

a single scrap

of my gold heart

that yearns without fear


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