Glassy Collection

Once upon a time lived a shoe maker for the elite. He sized then crafted shoes for plenty of feet. His shop located on Royal Ball Street. With large windows for all to see


“A new collection for you from me, I’ll be there you’re who I hope see,” read a girl named Della standing on the street. As she thought,“One day I hope to wear the Prince’s shoes on my feet.”

The thought of attending was a treat. When her stepmother was to sleep the party on Royal Ball Street would be the place to meet. Della with her mind on a fella snuck to the door as she heard her her stepmother’s snore. 

To the party she hurried excited to see the Glassy Collection, and of course Mr.Prince who was so charming. Upon arrival Della was smitten, she was sure there was a few shoes that she could fit in. At last she found them, glass and all. The only one who could fit them on Royal Ball.

The night ended abruptly when Della looked up and saw her stepsister’s. She ran up the street where she looked down to see not two but one shoe.



This poem is about: 
My family


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