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                               My face is frozen in place

                               The coldness in my ways never fades

                               As I lethargically pass through foggy days


                               Those foggy days.

                               Those foggy days.

                                   But my soul is an abstraction of many shades.


                                It is crystallized in my very eyes

                                Trembling and scared and trapped

                                It cries.


                                 It cries.

                                It cries.

                                But the ice is melting on the inside.


                                My soul is crashing through the glass

                                Thrashing and smashing,

                                Screaming and bashing.


                                Screaming and bashing.

                                Screaming and bashing.

                                 Emotion is emerging - revival, compassion.        


                                 The ice from my face descends

                                 The rebirth of my essence started there and then.

                                 And I was happy – for it wanted to be seen again.

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