Glass Half Full

As I consistently remind myself that 

for a seventeen year old,

I don't feel as if I'm living up to life's fullest potential 

'Cause every time I attempt to

rent's due

or cent's few 

or someone's in my ear chanting that I'm anything and everything but useful 


I'll throw in this towel any minute

Can't finish or blemish the flaws of my past as I venture to replenish 

lost times 

cracked dimes 

my broken mind

the only thing these ever made were broken rhymes

At the beginning of the year my resolution was to find a solution 

or some sort of conclusion 

I needed a way back to the place where I was before I fell off track and was hit by the train 

And now I'm stuck playing the blame game, a name game that's useless 

Its no one else's fault but my own I'm clueless, confused with lost faith 

I'm toiling through this darkness to find my home plate, 

this isn't baseball 

But this world's my pitcher of struggles that's caused me to downfall 

I need a way back 

I need faith

or perhaps, a better pair of contacts so that I may finally see my glass half full 

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