Left on the table edge, can't keep it in much longer,

Pushed to the edge of my limits, can't give anymore,

Fear boils inside of me,

It  thickens and solidifies,

Weighing me down, down, down.


Can't hold this vial and continue on,

Ready to fall apart, and let it seep out,

People all around me, staring at screens,

No where to turn to, no way out. 


I must keep it in as long as I live;

My Glass is clouded and they can't see through,

Fear's murky dark shadows demand my Surrender,

Pushing me to the edge of the tabletop.


They can't see the Darkness rising in me,

Filling my chest, and rising higher,

 At any moment, ready to flow o'er the rim;

Climbing up, up, up. 


No reason to fight,

 The Darkness solidifies;

My iron cargo now filled to the brim,

Weighing me down, down, down. 


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