Giving Cupid a piece of my mind

Fri, 01/31/2014 - 09:35 -- Fakins3


Urbana, IL
1507 N. Romine St.
United States
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When you told me about love you lied.

That sh*t so deep

Blue Sea got jealous and lost her pride.

Realize, I'm emotionally paralyzed

and you need to minimize those arrows you utilize

cuz I am truly traumatized.

I should have known you only had your GED, due to the fact that

You played me to the lowest degree.

You knew me and ol boy wasn't meant to be.

Yet still fulling my head with aspiring stories.

Stop telling the tales your mother goose told you.

Talking about he'll be there for you-

to hold you

down is where that relationship went.

"Through thick and thin"

resulted to a sicken end.

Now I have a heart mend?!

Cupid won't slide

Don't ever point your weapon of mass

destruction where I reside.

I no longer need you by my side.

You're conniving

no longer can you misguide me.

I am my own person

And will set myself free

from the heart ache and agony.

So save your apology.

It means nothing to me.

I'm sorry I'm not sorry for giving you,

Cupid, a piece if my mind.


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