Giving Up


It's when you dont care

It's when you're done

It's when I need you most

I stand here waiting for the help you promised, yet all I see is a baren wasteland. Almost as if you stopped becuase of me. Did you stop because of what I said? What I did? What I think? Did you stop because of me?

Remember what I told you? What we told each other? We'll always be there, we'll get through anything and everything. But I'm alone.

Im alone and I hate it. I hate what you're doing to me. But I still don't hate you because I'll never give up on you. But there's a ticking noise.

Although, I can't lie, I don't love you. Not after what you did. Not after your empty promises. You're love gets me so high and now its gone, and I despise it. It makes me itch and twitch all over. It makes my mind tick.

From that last "K" in your text, to the last time you said "I promise" it makes me squirm. Because now you've done it. You've done the almost impossible, you've broken me in two. I can't seperate fact from fiction becuase you've done what makes me tick.

My mind is like a clock. Ticking and Tocking. Waiting for when you say sorry. But I know, and it hurts, that you'll never say it. "I love you" "I'm Sorry" "Let's start over".

It makes me tick.



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