Give Mother Earth A Chance

Giving Mother Earth A Chance

Mother Earth, our little blue planet, our home

Why does she cry?

She cries because we are hurting her, abusing her

Why does she suffer?

She is sick because we are making her ill

Her fair skin is bruised with craters and grooves from digging into the earth

She wheezes, pollution coating her lungs and making it difficult to breathe

Her skin filled with toxic chemicals, her watery blue eyes dotted with murky black from oil spills

Temperatures rise, her fever getting worse

Her beautiful emerald hair is slowly thinning away, month by month

Humans are an infestation to her, populating everywhere

The essential life that she gives is becoming endangered

She weeps, knowing that she is dying

Slowly, painfully, lingering

I cry too, feeling the pain

Feeling that our Mother Earth will pass someday within due time

The feeling of withered trees, polluted air, dirty water

It aches within me like a hole

We are causing her sickness, her cancer

We must save our Mother

Save her in many ways

Give her a chance, reduce how much we use

Renew her spirit, reuse materials over again

Take care of her, recycle resources

Think wisely, rethink about the future

We will be able to save her if given the chance

We will have a better future if we try

Give Mother Earth a chance, and she will thank you

And we will live on our little blue home for longer

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Our world
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