Give Me Pain

Waking up every night at 2 O'clock in the morning

I see the moon, and I can't help but to start mourning 

Over my lost sleep.

As I weep,

I'm in pain

And I gain 

Nothing at all.

Give me more pain,

And I will lie 

And say that I am okay

Even though I wanna die.

Why do you act like you care all

Of the sudden?

You left me, thinking of me as nothing more than a burden.

I cry out in despair,

Punching my fists through the wall

In order to reach out to you.

What can I do

When I dare

Speak out my feelings to you 

Only to fail to get the message across?

I stare at the blades,

And as I raise 

One to my wrist, 

I feel pure bliss.

Give me more pain,

And I will beg you stop,

'Cause I'm already falling from atop.

Please help me now,

Because I don't know how

To live anymore

And I'm hurting more and more.



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