Give Me Back My Voice.


I'm subject to my opinions

     my views

     my decisions

But within the chipped paint walls I'm not.

Within these rooms majority rules.

They tell me GSA is for equal opportunity, that we should respect their rights.

Then what about mine? 

Why is it a crime to speak of my faith?

Why is it a crime for my voice to be heard?

Why is it that even teachers suppress my voice and prevent me from sharing?

I respect others the way I want to be respected... or is that all just too cliche.

I call you Mr. Ms. or Mrs. 

     You suppress my voice.

I address you in the most formal of text.

     You suppress my voice.

I write my name, date and period for your convenience.

     You suppress my voice.

I'm encouraged to believe what you say is true.

     You support my voice.






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