...Give this man one last shot..

Thu, 10/17/2019 - 11:41 -- RadRaph

Dionysus, man of moderation and fidelity:


Business Owner of a winery

Industrious at his craft

Red tie, Black coat, No wrinkles

Workers that admire him, Companies that compete

Wealth for generations and soul to succeed


Committed to his marriage

A father of boy twin toddlers

A wife with golden hair and pear-shaped curves

A family that would make any man happy


....Or so what the outsiders perceive


Dionysus always came home at 3pm

He was once home late by fifteen minutes

His wife said nothing

Then he came at 4pm. 6pm , 8pm

Eventually he never arrived home


Dionysus can't get enough

Strobe lights, Smoky Air

Crowds jumping, Floor Shaking

Music that drives people nuts


Colorful confetti fills the sky

Numerous flags that raises high

Sparkers and fireworks all massive

Buffets and servers that came in his expenses

Celebrations that never end

and Dionysus made sure it never will


These parties led Dionysus crave more

A hunger that must be quenced

His thoughts creeping over by black fog

That can never be lifted 


His primal urge to repopulate

Virgins, Brides, Concubines

It no longer mattered to him who he was with

Until his wife walked in


Terrified of the man he has become, his wife ran

Dionysus chased her on the loose like a wild animal 

The way they looked in the eyes was more painful than usual

Dionysus couldn't come to a conclusion, but his wife did

That's when the divorce papers came in


Reason crumbled apart

Dionysus habits worsened

Didn't matter if sun was up or down

Saturday or Wednesday

He always woke up with a bottle in his hand

100% Whiskey


He became addicted to his own machine

All his works that looked up to him was no more

Signifigant losses have been taken

His company gave the founder his final cut

And continued on without him..


The toddlers that he remembered was no more

Like Strangers in skycrapers

The wife he had found true love

The one that wouldnt abandon her

After all that he has wasted

He had nothing left in the end


A revolver in his pocket,

He downed a bottle of Vodka

To remember who he was 

But All it did was made him forget even more


Grey Beard, Long Hair, Rotten Nails

Raggy Clothes, Coal Face

He stared at himself in the mirror

To finally confront his true self

But he couldn't accept the person he is













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Skye Fuller

Compelling title! I think you chose a really interesting deity to translate into modern-day, especially in terms of symbolism. 


This kind of makes me want to write a poem from the perspective of a Dionysus during U.S. prohibition in the 20s. 

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