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(poems go here) Give a little bit back

Today you woke up, maybe tired but you're awake
Maybe you're half asleep, or looking for something to make
Did you say your thank you for being alive today
Or is that something we forget to do or say

Something's we are really grateful for
Like our air, food, water, or even waking up, or the one we adore
We go day by day doing the usual
And maybe once and a whole we will stop and think about it all

If we all took a little time to say thank you
Not just wait to thanksgiving to say what you're thankful for
If we all said thank you and shared the love to people around us
We'd be that much happier, and be glad we helped make a change by just saying thanks

Sometimes a simple thanks or smile or hug or even kindness goes the extra mile in making someone's
Trust me it does in an amazing way
Sometimes the one way we can make ourselves happy is making someone else happy

Think about it if we all put our fists down, and judgements didn't exist
We would check off discrimination off of our list
If we all were thankful for what we have instead being angry for what we don't have
We could give more to others that didn't really know what it means to have

We could all live in a world where we are the change we wished to see in the world
And see
What Gandhi fought to see
And we could be united and share the love to everyone
And if we are to die whenever we could know that people were united because we didn't stop pushing until we knew it was done
If we all took a time to give something that others lack
They would be happy knowing we could give a little something to them
We all know we can give a little back


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