Give Up

Thu, 05/04/2017 - 18:28 -- Neftee

Open your hands.

Let the self control you hold so close

leave with the stretching of your fingers.

And as your palms lift and quiver in repose

look closely at your empty hands as the universe barely lingers.

It has to be this way.

You cant hold it together.

The world is full of chance, we dance like pool balls bouncing off proverbial walls.

Whistling past each other barely touching and sometimes we strike and pause.

Take those moments down like a photograph.

We appear and disappear so quick its like we weren't here.

So fragile are these bodies that you have to laugh.

We crash and pass like waves on the shores of life.

Burn so quick its like God turned off the lights.

Everything you do, everything you want to.

Do it, but don't do it for purpose.

Its just a game of Russian roulette we play under the surface.

Your lovers and your lovers ex lovers are just chemical reactions.

A touch, a smile, a kiss,

a hormone that got its wish.

You are a chemistry set, left alone.

So its useless to put purpose behind these mortal bones.

So stretch these tiny bones, unwrap them from a fist.

You cant go on like this so let it go

Just like the falling snow.

There has to be a snowflake that looks just like you.

Let it go. Let it all go.


Open your hands

Let the hope you thought you had fall like wreckage.

Wreckage from the dogfights in your head.

Spitfires and Hortans dance around your soul in hopes to gain control.

Open your hands and let both sides fall to the earth.

You are nothing you thought you were worth.

In this ball of dirt you are just a bag of words tied off with a chord of lies.

A shot glass of life in an ocean of dice.

All spinning to give numbers and you are one of them.

So let it go.

Just like that, the earth let go too.

You fell off and into the blue.

You swam with clouds and

you were nothing new

You are not the first to die. And you are not the last.

So why even cry for the ones who have past.

Let it go.

Cause even your shoes have a soul.

And they don't complain when they get drug through the mud

Let it go, Let it all go.


Open your hands.

If there is no reason to your life then you shouldn't be alive.

it could be that you were a probable outcome that got blasted through time.

If there are infinite possibilities it has to be that you would come to life.

If you are nothing then why do you try?

Let it go.

Open your hands.

Are they open yet?


Now open your eyes.

What do you see?

You see “Now”. This vary moment in time. Do you see it?

Does it look meaningless? It might. But its not.

You are standing on a ball of dirt that's moving through the sky.

And the things you see are light partials blasted at your eyes.

The complex mathematics that form the DNA inside your mind

You are impossible.

Just think about the road you take to work every day.

Other men and women driving cars going the same way.

The fact that you survive all these distracted brains

driving missiles on wheels every day.

And you don't become a paste on the road from someone else's mistake.

Its crazy.




And now think about your ancestors and your fathers fathers father.

What if he decided to Mary your girlfriends mothers mothers mother?

You wouldn't be here. You are a Miracle.

And you have to have a purpose.


Cause someone made you, you cant say it isn't so.

You can try, but what good would it do your soul?

You may not know what to do or where it go.

But there is a purpose behind your mortal bones.

It has to be so. If it wasn't then you wouldn't feel alone.

You only feel that way because you haven't found your home.

Its a beacon pulling you to the shore to land your boat.

And even if you don't believe it.

Believe in me. Because I want you to get there.


Open your hands, open them and grab mine.



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