girls in this generation

People always say the girls in this generation are so narcissistic 

Why can't they be smart instead of worrying about little things like if a boy texts you back or if your hair looks bad or if you look fat in that outfit

I used to think that too, to have more than a pretty face and a skinny waist 

Then I started to realize that our world is what we have to change 

It’s like you can’t be beautiful without everything in a boys checklist crossed off 

Big butt

Big boobs

Big lips

Round face

Tiny waist

Scar free

Can’t disagree

Big deal big quest

We all know now he can take his rest

I grew up thinking that I would meet a boy and we would get married and be soul mates 

But really i’m just shark bait

I thought I’d get golden gates 

And a boy who took me on romantic dates

Don't get me wrong

I’d wear my pretty dress

And look my best 

It’s hard to think that I’m just another one of your quests 

I wish I knew where I stand 

This generation is trying to force me to hold your hand

I'm filled with these emotions inside

I am fit to be tied

I am not I’m your toy 

Do not assume I belong to you

People always make assumptions on the girls in this generation


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