The Girls on the Boat

The warm, salty air assualted my nose as I hopped onto the aging dock just outside my house.

I looked out at the reflections in the water. 

I could see the bridge, the seagulls, and me.

My dark hair resembled something like a birds nest. 

When I looked up the sun shone into my eyes, nearly blinding me.

The wind blew my dress one way then the other, nearly making me go back into the house. 

But that's when I finally saw what I went there to see.

The big red boat passed me.

The girls with their oars slicing through the water, as if they were cutting glass.

They were perfect. 

Their hair was being blown into their faces and mouths. 

Though no one flinched.

They just kept rowing, pushing the boat to move faster and faster.

...Then it stopped.

I'm not sure if it was me or them who were stuck in time.

I only remember that magical moment when I knew I  wanted of be one of the girls on the boat.

And not just any boat.

That boat.

The big red boat.




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