A Girl's Best Friend

I remember the summer day when we first met,

You were brought to me in a little blanket

I held you in my cold hands close to the center of my chest

And gently covered my icy finger over your small, shivering body


The heat of your body radiated against mine

I held you closer to me

You yawned

And I fell in love


The sun focused on us

Directing its bright rays directly over head

The universe seemed to stop and stare

As if it knew what had just happened


We were both so small back then

But, oh my, look how strong we’ve become


You and I have been through thick and thin;

You were always there and you always listened

You have heard my hopes

You have heard my fears


You always seem to know when I’m upset

As you would lay your head in my lap

Look up at me with those warm, brown eyes

As if you were trying to tell me


“Everything will be okay.”


I look back at all the fun we’ve had together

You always made me chase you

Until I was too hot to keep going

But, you always came back to make sure I was okay


We’ve spent many summers together, my friend

Many days basking in the sunshine

Many nights cuddled together by a scorching bonfire

But the season are quickly beginning to change


I soon won’t be able to play with you anymore

I won’t be able to hold you anymore

At least not for a very long time

Understand, that it’s for the best


I can’t offer you what I used to be able to

And you deserve someone who can give you everything

That I am unable to give

Because I love you, I have to let you go.


I will always be with you and you’ll always be with me

You’ve been my best friend

It’ll be by winter when you’ll finally be gone

I can’t even imagine how cold it’ll be


This poem is about: 
My family
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