The Girl Who Talked To Trees

There once was a girl,
Who talked to trees. 
She would spend countless hours 
Under their protection of evergreen leaves.
Her mind would wander,
A train of endless thoughts.
Is it summer? Oh what a ponder? 
Questions so many questions to be asked.
Her heart was open, 
Her faith was unbroken. 
Her hope was as vast as the ocean.
She was the girl who talked to trees.
She spoke to them with ease.
Her little hands would reach for the tree tops.
The currents of her world blew in a breeze,
The trees spoke words of wisdom.
She smiled and twirled and twirled.
She began to sing for the trees,
Her child voice echoed and whirled
Through the morning sky, hush now they can hear. 
The trees danced for the small child,
And she thrived with joy.
She ran free ever so wild.
She was free, she was free!
No worries little one, 
You will become your dreams.
There shall be a midday moon and a midnight sun
When time stops for only for you.
Don't you worry my little girl, 
There is not one thing that can stop you.
No, no this is your calling, this is your destiny.
My, my is it not amazing? Who ever knew?
This girl, she could talk to trees.
Countless hours spent in idles talk.
In time the girl grew and grew. 
someone please turn back the clock!
The girl who could talk to trees, 
No longer could.
She lost her power somewhere in this social disease
Where can I find the girl who understood? 
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