The girl who sees good

Tue, 12/17/2019 - 11:07 -- Kmayhew

In a world of injustice and unequivocal hate

There is a girl who believes in good

She has seen the blood of the massacred dreams

Of those forced into motherhood

She has walked the streets the poor call home

While the rich drive by in their cars of chrome

She has seen the pain in the mother’s eyes

From the loss of the child who had dreams that reached for the skies

This girl has seen how the addict hurts others

And the stress of the world put on mothers

She knows the world is evil and cruel

And the way the government let’s their money pool

But here she stands believing in the good

And helping those she can

With love and hope

She approaches a man

She is offered a job to help the others

By telling their stories of pain

And the love everyone has for one another

And the places from which the came

Using her power of words and pictures

She invokes the help of her community

And together as one the begin to dream

Of a world with perfect unity

And through all the bad she still sees good

And with her eyes she can see

That the world maybe cruel but she is good

And the girl who sees good is me

I am a girl who sees the good

In all those around me

If I could convince you of the love of brotherhood

The world would change, maybe





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