The Girl Unraveled is a Road Less Traveled

Somehow broken
Yet still fragile

I put on an air 
For all to see
Yet box and stow
The Genuine me

The genuine me IS the road less traveled
Less friendly, less socialized
Slightly unraveled
Like a rug who's edges have tattered and frayed
I'm an old soul who's seemingly stuck in her ways.

I'm a seasoned pro at blocking emotions
More or less immune to the most powerful of potions.
I'd rather be inside with a book 
Than go out and party
That's just not my thing
My social appetite isn't that hearty.

But I still take the "selfies"
and blog on my tumblr
Because I'm still a girl 
With motives assunder.

I don't want to be forgotten
With feelings left out
But I don't need attention
By scream or by shout.

So throw me a glance
And maybe you'll see
My unguarded heart,
My Unfiltered Me


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