To The Girl With The Same Name As Me

7 weeks since6 letters2 spellings1 deadI'm alive Her name meant“pure beauty”but nothing beautiful comes from the soundof my,hers,our name. The two syllables of a seemingly innocent name turns myheart into a tornado,my mind into a volcano. Her name meant “pure beauty”but what is beautiful about a 17 year olddead.  My name means“keeper of keys”but who holds the keysto the pastbecause it's beentoo long since my,hers,our name could be spoken withoutsadness,pain,loss. Who knew a singleword could reduce meto tears,hyperventilating,and the feeling of sliding,skidding on anicey road. And not knowing mug you'll stay onthe road or offor on or off or onMy name means “keeper of keys”but I can't seem to find the keys tothe reasons why.  And I remember thatwhen I was younger I hated my name. I begged my motherto let me change it to something else,anything else. She would tell methat I'd grow to love it. That these 6 letterswould be mine. But it's been 10 yearssince I stopped beggingand the sound of myhers,our name makes my stomachturn,heart yearnfor her to be alive.  Names hold meanings,hold stories,hold life and when you share a name with someoneyou hold not only the memories of your life,but also the memory of theirs.  Her smile could light upa room, and her eyes weremelted amber.And I have yet to meetsomeone as loving,caring,thoughtful as her.And now it’s just me,our duo is down to one,and I have to live for not only me,but also what she was supposed to be 7 weeks since. 6 letters. 2 spellings.And she's dead. But her name is still alive.  

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