Girl of the Rowan Tree

 Rowan who sings like the summer wind

   And asks why am I here?

   Who is strength and loneliness

   Who is the gentle breeze and the harsh wind

   Whose soft brown eyes are full of sadness

   is sitting alone in the forest

  Who tells me my work must not be done

  Who tells me your work is not done

  Whose long hair is like the shining sun

  can’t seem to find her way

  is a leaf floating in the wind

  is a white wolf;strong yet thin

  is both strong and weak

 Who smiles to hide the pain

  is tired of the agony that runs through her veins

 asking why am I here?

 Why am I here?

 But she knows why.

She has always known

For like the tree that stands tall,

supported by her roots

So does she

Her friends

Her family

They are her roots

And she will never fall.

For her roots keep her


They are why she is here

She is the Rowan Tree


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