The Girl in Red

I saw her everyday.

But I was scared you see.

She was beautiful.

How could a sweet, young girl like someone like me?


So I planned my move.

Leapt out from the woods.

I'd startled her,


She'd jumped out of her hood!


Nervous was I.

And frightened was she.

So I panicked and asked...

"Have you come to see me?"


"Oh no, I'm afraid. I'll be just on my way. I'm going to visit my grandma today."

I watched her run off.

Her hood had faded away.

But I wouldn't let her go.

Not again.

Not today.


I knew these woods well

For they were where I lived.

I'd beat her to the old lady's house.

Hopefully, she'd forgive me for what I did.


With grandma in my tummy, and Red in my mind

I'd dressed up as the old woman to help pass time.

I heard a knock at the door.

Finally, my love had arrived.

When she stepped in the door

She was thoroughly surprised.


It started as a joke. 

But the trick was on me.

She took in my features, then let out a scream.

I'd only jumped up to stifle her cry.

To tell her "I'm joking. Stop screaming, you won't die."


Her cry was heard from a woodsman nearby

Who made me spit out grandma

And dragged me far away from my home.

I never got to apologize.

When I looked back she was gone.


So I say all that to say to the girl in red,

"I'm sorry for what I did. For how it turned out in the end.".

You were and still are the love of my life.

My tranquility.

My peace.

I'll love you forever.


- Sincerely, The Beast


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