The girl with one thousand faces

I have made for myself one thousand faces

I put an act for the world

But behind my curtains I hide a dark secret

Happy and cheerful on the outside

Depressed and lonely on the inside

I'm life's biggest puppet

The world controls my every movement

Society chooses what I'm suppose to look like

And my family tells me who need to be

So I perform this act to fool the world

And when I'm done, I show my different faces

Who am I behind these curtains?

I am really a silent girl with Hundreds of voices screaming to get out

I'm dying , I'm regreting, I'm hurting

I hate myself so much...

If only they knew...

How good I am at cutting myself

What I really look like when I cry myself to sleep

Why people push me around and betray me

I just want everyone to understand that I just want to be free

I don't want to be just another girl

I am a talent artist obligated to being something different and hiding who I am

To create such beautiful things behind this curtain

Yes, I am may be fighting these vices

But one day I'll be free

And when I am

I'll stop this act

But until then I will remain the girl with one thousand faces



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