That Girl In My Viewfinder


United States
42° 16' 47.4708" N, 71° 47' 30.8508" W

Focus. Snap.
Focus. Snap.
She is the Girl in my viewfinder.
With a Radiance that shames the rising sun,
Blossoms bare their petals to bask in Her glow.
That Voice that inspires the nightingale
And that laugh that entrances, entices, enamours,
Forever pulls me forth.
Such is the power of the Girl in my viewfinder.

Focus. Snap. Delete.
Focus. Snap. Delete.
A still photo could never hope to capture Her.
She is the Girl in my viewfinder.
With a Majesty most unmatched,
Her elusive air and mystique and essence
Is far too great for the human eye.
How quickly She vanishes
From my eye, my ear, my side.

Focus. Snap. Save.
Focus. Snap. Save.
But no longer is her presence allowed.
That Girl in my viewfinder,
Whose Heart and Soul were too warm
And pure for this world.
No, this earth was not great enough
For Her to tread. So now, She is gone.
On to the next world, one worthy of Her being.

Focus. Snap.
Focus. Snap.
But I will heal, and I will cope,
For if She wishes -that Girl in my viewfinder-
Then we shall meet again.

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