To The Girl In The Mirror

 You stare at this glass every morning

Wondering what will be said today

You wish you could at least get a warning

Why does it have to be everyday?


Maybe it’s the way you do your hair

A simple ponytail isn’t enough

You just can’t seem to compare

You don’t fit the status of “hot stuff”


Could it be your skin?

Next to others, you do look pale

But how does that effect what’s within

You will never be able to prevail.


What about the sound of your voice

You fear the comments that will be made when you talk

It’s not like you had a choice

This can’t be changed as easy as your walk


Your body, hair, or face

Will always make them mad

But you can never be replaced

And deep down they are just sad.


They only show envy

In the form of bullying

You just keep being friendly

For them it will never be fulfilling


So, to them and the voices in your head

It is time to put them to rest

You have been so mislead

That you’ve let your beauty be compressed


Once you stop listening

And stop seeing through their eyes

It is time to start glistening  

You can finally realize


YOU are true beauty

Bring back your joy and laughter

They could only show you cruelty

But those bullies no longer matter


You know who you really are

You must let go of what they say

Then you will go so far

They will no longer be in your way


With a pure smile

That girl in the mirror

Will leave light for miles

Because she has no fear


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