Girl in the Mirror

Tue, 12/16/2014 - 13:41 -- Clair


I sure am flawless

Flawless that's what I am

I sure don't look like Beyonce

Don't have an ass like Nicki Minaj

My voice, man forget about it

Sing a song and make a baby cry

And still 

I am Flawless

Who's to tell me I'm not?

Defiantly not you

I woke up

Looked in the mirror

Damn I'm gorgeous

Who's that girl?

Ebony skin

Dark chocolate eyes

All them curls, don't care if they kinks or not

Damn she flawless

Just look at them lips

Soft dark pinkish red

But most of all them eyes

Those dark chocolate eyes

Theres a spark in those eyes

A twinkle that shows determination

A smile that shows pure joy

Damn this girl

This me

This is Flawless


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