Girl of Ice

The snow was always 
So expressive here
It twists off the roof tops
Brushes the land
Settles in peace 
At the fence posts 
And trees 
I see a face 
In the morning darkness
A line work
Etched in particles
Cold crystals twining
Around a distant 
You are standing
As an apparition in 
Orange velvet 
Under a street light
Over there
I can feel you
Your face is what
I see 
I remember how you would 
Past me like a sculpture
Of ice 
Melting across the 
Such beauty in you
Delicate lacings of
Frost on the 
Window pane
Transcribe your face
My heart is impaled 
I walk to you
The snow creaks
Calling out your name
Helping me summon 
An image 
For me to behold
You once stood there
No one is watching
I can embrace you
My arms encircle 
Sparkles of ice 
Swirl in silence
Against my chest
This is regret
This is the grave
An icebound tomb 
A monument to youth
Slaughtered by 
Traditions and divisions
Oh that I would have 
And taken you
Struck out for what
I wanted!
Till I die I will see
Your beloved visage 
In the drifts and plumes
of glistening ice
hanging silently 
In my heart
Your pure white 
Dress flows
Up a staircase into 
The vaults above
Away from me again 
Lifted by a breath of air
Into your realm of 
Fleeing from the day
the vision is only 
For the night
When earth hides
From the sun
Then you come back
To distress me 
How does the fire 
You stoke in me 
Not melt this world?
It is a fire of dead love
A hand pressed up
against a sheet of ice
from inside a frozen
A circuit of scars
laid out in my soul
Your presence electrifies 
The machine you 
left behind 
It spews it's crystals
Flinging through my heart
Like knives
Go from me now
I can't behold you
I know you will abide 
With me again
If I die in winter
You will appear at
my final place
And we will be together 
One last time
Girl of Ice


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