for a girl i used to know

my dora,


i wish i could tell you

i didn’t care

that you were just some sweet girl

i knew some sweet summer

who kissed me too fast

like you knew 

time was 


- i must have known it too.

who left after three glorious and fleeting weeks

with a tearful smile

and a confession of love

i almost believed

who didn’t mean a thing


i wish i could tell you

you never cross my mind

that certain songs never leave me reeling

from memories, memories,

memories of the way you made me blush

- i felt so seen -

of the way you looked

green hair and tight black jeans

and blue, blue eyes

that pierced through everything i tried to be

and saw me like nobody ever did

of how helpless i was against you,

against that smile


i wish i could tell you

three years had been enough

that i never wonder where you are

or where we could have been

that i never check your empty facebook page 

(you never liked that kind of thing)

looking for a hint of the woman you’ve become


i wish i could tell you

a lot of things

most of which i’m not brave enough to say

and if i were i wouldn’t know where to start

but i think i’ve said it all.


still i remain

y o u r s

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