The Girl I longed to Consume

I remember when everyone else didn't.
I remember the gray foggy December morning,
when her long blonde hair seemed less exciting.
when her back was slightly hunched and her breathing
wasn't exact.
I remember, in such vivid detail,
the way she looked at me with her uneasy eyes and her sad
toothless grin,
the way she gave me a clue that she was lost.
I remember I sat next to her in perturbing silence
and gave her an awkward gesture of compassion.
Tears streamed down her eyes like a river.
I didn't know her, I saw her once but I felt for her
in ways I couldn't fully fathom.
The next day she was gone.
Like a hurricane she was wiped out.
And for days I cried myself to sleep like a little baby.
I never knew her but there was something about the pale
bright eyes,
blonde haired girl,
that I longed to consume, she summonded me.
She was like a painting,
an illusion.
And I will never forget her.
I didn't know her, but I felt guilt shooting in my veins.
If she was here, I would have told her how beautiful
she looked,
or how much of an impact she made on me.
I'd ask her to dinner, and see how it goes from there.
I would tell her that there was something compelling to
I could tell all she needed was a friend,
and I could've been that,
but now she's gone.
And now I'm just a lonely boy who sits on his couch
thinking about what if.
What if I had the courage to tell her she was beautiful
a thousand times over?
Maybe, just mayabe I could have changed her fate.


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