That Girl (That Feeling)

Sat, 06/14/2014 - 20:14 -- ToneyR


You know when you her lips touch you and you get that tingling feeling in your side

Or when her hands touch your shoulders and your spine does a backflip right quick

Or when you’re getting intimate and she start to rub all over you,  and you get poked by something
Or when she calls your name, it’s like the smell of grandma in the kitchen on Saturday morning

Or it’s like Orange Juice

Sweet, delicious, and natural

Or when you hold her hand and it feels like both of your energies become one

Or how about when she whispers something random in your ear

It’s cute, but sexual all at the same time

Or how you speak one day being married

And how it’s gonna be planned out
She’s already decided the house design
Pets, the kid’s names and all

Or when she says “I love you” at those random moments
Or when you both decide y'all want a kiss

You both stare at each other and your mind connects and you dive in for that kiss

But someone comes around the corner and you both pull away like it was innocent

Or when you’re in class

Bored out of your mind
You start thinking about her
Or when she text you during class

And you muster all of your ninja skills text back

Or when you see each other

And it feels JUST like that first time
Or you get to the point where you’ve run out of ink

Or the feelings of how she makes you keep flowing

And you’re pissed off because you don’t have enough room

Or When she’s mad, and you make her laugh

And she moves her tongue around her cheeks to try and stop

Or when she smiles at you

Or when she just stares into your eyes and you can’t stare for too long

Because all of her beauty is just waaay too much for you to bear


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