A Girl Can't Love Me


My eyes are sore

I imagine the red rims

where all the thoughts swim

and melt into a dream right before me


And ignore me, the very part that i've buried

with the ribbons and the bows and the fury

my eyes do not revert 

my speech does much to flirt

at the idea of holding you


I've been looking at you for ages

longer than you would care to mind

longer than i wish i had

devotion is the ocean i swim 

thousands of meters and still I could not win


the race to a heart that does not recognize

the size in which my heart grows 

when you are near me 

but you don't hear me

you won't, because 


"A girl can't love me 

who doesn't know

that the beat of her heart does not slow

for the beauty of a woman


How can i confess

to a girl who thinks a mess

is wanting me the most?"


Untie the ribbons and loosen the bows,

release the fury

that i could love you in a hurry

if only i knew that why i do what i do

is not because i'm not happy with you

it's because i've not come true




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