The girl that cant love because of you


 The girl that can’t love because of you

Once so young and naive I allowed you to blind me of my perspective of love,

 A love so beautiful,

A love worth value that spoke volumes.

 All I ever wanted you to do was love me like I loved,

you treat me how I treated you, and hold my image of love to be truthful.

 Was that too much to ask for?

  I put everything into you even did some things I would never do just to please you.

Hoping, praying, and thinking I would be enough for you.

Why would you put me through what you put me through?

If you were gonna go find something else why make me sit and take the blow for you.

 Why wasn’t I given the option to stay or go it probably wouldn’t have done any good anyway,

 I didn’t wanna walk away. I didn’t want to accept the idea that I wasn’t good enough, I wasn’t

pretty enough, I wasn’t giving enough, I wasn’t old enough, I wasn’t what you wanted,  I wasn’t

worthy of love.

Why would you fuck with my confidence and my trust?

Why did u choose me that day you saw me outside the bus?

Was I an easy target a 9th grader to a senior I should’ve been smarter,

 To know you didn’t want me for me but for what I Can offer, you.

 And now I’m hurting after 2 years with you,

 To know I was just something to keep you busy to come back to.

When you knew them other girls couldn’t do what I did for you,

ride for you like I rode for you, held you down like I continue to do.

 I’ve accepted the fact that I’m being used.

 To know you decided another female u was with for a few months was worth more respect, love,

time,and commitment than the two years I gave to you.

 hell yea that fucked me up but hey what can I do?

Maybe one day I won’t be misused and given the opportunity to love fully without regret and

resentment towards you.

Sad to say I don’t think I can love another the way I loved you, love you.


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