The girl with the broken eyes


She says she feels alone in crowded rooms
Fakes a smile that is consumed by gloom.
A consumption of pills are swallowed with fear
She fakes another smile to hide a small tear.

She says she is happy though she shakes when alone
No one knows if she's okay they just know that she's gone.
The pills turn to razors and slice up her wounds
But she can't do it yet, not right now, it's too soon.

She wants to be happy but feels it's not fate
All that she feels is sorrow and self hate.
Hate turns to knives that spread over blood
These feelings aren't healthy it's starting a flood.

She says that she's okay, no one questions it now.
They all just assume she's still stable somehow.
She still feels alone in the most crowded room
And she fakes one more smile that becomes enclosed by her gloom.

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This is really good. So much emotion packed into a poem full of truth for many teens. Please read my poems and comment

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