The Girl With The Blues.


I am the girl with the blues.

Trying to cover up this bruise

That has harden my heart

Lord this pain is tearing us apart

Al I want is to restart

I’m sitting here with these blues

My mind is spinning from being confused

But lord I hear you calling

& as I began to walk I start falling

Proverbs 24:16 says “for a righteous man falls seven times, he rises again”

& lord I hear you saying there is an army rising on my behalf as I stand

& at the command of your voice I shall never fall again

So yes I was the girl with the blues

Trying to cover up this bruise

I was the girl whose light flickered in and out

I was the girl standing in the middle of a drought

Not knowing which way to go but knowing the enemy only comes to kill, steal 7 destroy

He was playing with my mind as if it was a toy

He made me think God was no longer right

& he was al that was let

Only God came to put that myth to rest

And as my faith was put to a test

The lord said all you have to do is say yes

And I’ll give you everything you need whether its more or less

No longer am I the girl with the blues

Trying to cover up this bruise

From lies and deception

No longer will I be the girl who lets the enemy rule

& hide me with his bruise.



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