The Girl with Black Eyes

Eyes are the windows to the soul

Her eyes were two pieces of coal

They shined bright, never to grow old

The world saw her as proud and cold

The shutters were locked, the curtains drawn

Stuck inside her head she was withdrawn

Her eyes never betrayed her; she was an enigma

Although she said little she had a certain charisma

To know her was to try to understand her mind

To show herself; she was hardly inclined

Her thoughts were profound

Her head in the clouds, her feet on the ground

I'm in love with the girl with black eyes

When I talk to her time flies

She's hard to keep, always moving

If it were possible she'd be the one I'd be choosing

In her own world she's free and graceful

To be just a spectator is fairly painful

I'm the hunter she's the deer

Every time I get close she's gone from the clear

The girl with the black eyes glides though my dreams

The girl with the blak eyes; is she who she seems?


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