The Girl With Big Eyes

When Sedrick first met Chrissie, she was eighteen years old.

Chrissie had big eyes and she was a pretty girl.

She accompanied her friend Emma to visit Sedrick’s mother.


Sedrick fell in love with Chrissie at first sight.

And he told Chrissie’s friend to tell her that he liked her.

Emma apparently told Chrissie what Sedrick said.


The next time Chrissie saw Sedrick, she smiled at him beautifully.

Sedrick had a long conversation with Chrissie.

And he could easily tell that she had feelings for him.


Chrissie went back to Sedrick’s home with Emma several times,

For she wanted to see him as often as she could.

In a short time, they developed a close relationship with each other.


Chrissie didn’t tell Sedrick that she had a boyfriend,

But Emma told him about the ugly hooligan.

Though Chrissie deeply loved Sedrick, she didn’t know what to do.


Chrissie’s boyfriend was a domineering and abusive man.

She couldn’t leave him because she was afraid of him.

So Sedrick and Chrissie had a secret love affair for two years.


One night Chrissie stayed over at Sedrick’s home.

They slept on the same bed, but they didn’t make love.

Nothing happened that night because they had no privacy.


Incidentally, Chrissie wasn’t Sedrick’s first girlfriend,

But she was the first girl who made love to him.

Sedrick took Chrissie to a motel near the sea at her request.


The affair between Chrissie and Sedrick ended sadly.

Chrissie got pregnant for her boyfriend and she gave birth to a son.

Now Sedrick still thinks about the girl with big eyes.


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