The girl and a thousand mirrors

She spins around reflections of herself

Yet blind to the image

Hours turn to days

Days turn to months

Yet she sits in the corner with contentiful ignorance 


As much as she tries her patience fades

But she holds on tight with the stubbornness laced within her mind so far she can see it through her eyes

Fate taps on her shoulder 

Destiny whispers in her ear

But taps turn into whips 

And whispers turn into shouts


Forcing her to take off the goggles full of tears 

Toxic Tears infused with denial slam onto the floor

She then looks up clearly into the mirrors


She rejects the clearest reflection shes ever seen

She tries to escape by shattering the mirrors with her distaste and repulsion


But all it leaves her with is a thousand tiny mirrors staring her back in the eye with an honest reflection


She picks up a piece and pierces herself in both eyes expecting relief


But instead all she gets is a burst of reflections within her eyes 

Staring back right back at her with every blink and tear.



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