Girl and Her Dragon

A crumbling stone castle,

situated on the edge of civilization 

as they knew it

sat quiet with her grief.


Through the thorns and the briars

and bushy forests, there it lay.

She paced and lay about, and ate far too many of those delicious cupcakes.

Boredom was the heaviest sentence.


The scaly guard paced as well, 

her body much more humongous,

but equally dissatisfied with a

perpetually unchanging performance.


The princess, frustrated and with plenty of time to think,

drafted herself a plan.

A plan!

A plan.


Seizing all of her stolen energy

she ran down uneven steps and found herself face to face with a mountain of a problem.


She screamed at the sight but plunged on

down past the lair of the dragon, past smoky hisses


Once at the door, she turned to face the beast and made the proposition.

Her eyes sparkled with mischief and delight.

For, the dragon had accepted, and had taken flight,

princess on her back, and cupcakes on her forked tongue.


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