The Girl and the Fire

Tongues of fire danced above her head.

The life-consuming element, blinding all who looked upon it’s golden rays.

But not for her.

For her, the blaze all but mirrored her fiery spirit within.

It made her glow.

This harsh aspect of nature radiated her beauty, further than anything ever had.

All who saw her were both in pure wonder and fear.

She was not afraid.

The flames, though growing high into the night sky, tickling the stars, did not shake her.

She stood there, gazing upon the dangerous, wild force.

The fire stopped growing.

The fire stopped altogether.

It was a burning wall directly in front of her.

The mere fierceness in her eyes caused the fire to stand down.

The passion and desire for life within her meek self, in comparison to the great beast that was fire, overthrew any force of nature.

Fire gave in.

Fire was gone.

Just like that; gone with the wind.

And so was the girl.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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