The girl that always turned around



There's this girl that sits In front of me

and she always turns around.

it's odd how much she turns around in an hour

 but what she does when she turns around is the best part

she looks directly into my eyes and smiles.

that smile is what turns my darkness to light 

that smile is the situation suppressor so that I won't fight 

every day I'm the first thing she looks at when she turns around

i like it but then again I don't like it

I like it because I think that she is a beautiful girl

the thoughts I have in my mind is why I don't like it

my thoughts are: is she attracted to me? Or is she just friendly? 

These thoughts haunt my mind daily

she likes superman. Its kind of funny because she is my kryptonite 

when I get too high up i want it to be her to bring me back to the ground

you know, that girl that sits in front of me that always turns around.


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