That Girl


I’m that girl

That’s a fly on the wall.

That girl that tries to do good things

But doesn’t get noticed at all.

I’m that girl that no one sees when her friends are near

That girl that speaks wisdom none seem to hear.

I’m that girl that’s never pretty enough

And I’m that girl that actually cries a lot, but always tries to act tough.

I’m that girl with several burdens to bear,

Burdens that are much more important than the style of her hair.

I’m that girl that always wants to hang out

And I’m also that girl that gets over looked, and tries not to pout.

I’m that girl that wants to dance and get dressed up

But knows that getting asked out just isn’t her luck. 

I’m that girl struggles with depression

But smiles and fakes out all those bullshit therapy sessions.

I’m that girl with a dad who’s far, far away

And that girl that misses him very much every day.

I’m that girl that used to love laughing and eating food

But also that girl that used to cut herself too.

I’m that girl that often feels alone

Even though she has several caring people living in her home.

I’m that girl in the back of the class that writes all the time

To try and get the abundant bad things off of her mind.



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