The Girl on the 44th Floor

   I lay my back against these doorsAnd crack my bones upon the decorsI wait and sigh and listen to encoreI wait and wait for the girl on the 44th floor     I ride these elevators up and downI sift silently from town to townBut away from stairs so often climbedAway from the place I often claimed mineI realize there is no sense of timeAnd I witness my sorrows reach their prime     My battered fingers melt and twist like taffyThey sweeten and bitter for those that will have meMy troubles are stacked and tower like buildings And I enter these places unknowing and unwilling    And I still wait for that girl, vibrant yet pale beautyI still take my time to find her, knowing that she'll choose meOh how I long for the girl on the 44th floorAnd my longing shall be forever more    On broken breaths and smooth whispers sighedI keep these promises, bloodied and dyedViolet and crimson stunning with wrathSoot and Prussian blue layered on my path     Now my wait is over as I now realizeI sought out an intangible prizeI gasp in awe and break down these doorsFor I am the girl on the 44th floor 

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