That Girl

Tue, 07/23/2013 - 16:31 -- EmmJayy

There is a girl whom we all have seen.
Her hair is black, her eyes a beautiful shade of green.
She is beautiful on the outside, but the inside is unkempt.
She has been constantly trying to hide the tears she has wept.
Everyone stares at her and whisper the start of lies.
She can feel the hate, the judgment, the despise.
She knows they only see a round belly with no father to address.
What they don’t know, is that her father brought her into this mess.
He took advantage of his wife’s long hours and his daughter’s small frame.
He drugged her with roofies to make her legs lame.
She tried to scream, but he vowed that she would be dead.
This time of many only foretold what was ahead.
She tried to keep her head high and pretend no one was there.
It must have been to do while breathing thick, congested air.
Every breath she took felt like a struggle to survive,
Also the punches from her mother that she dived.
Her mother did not believe her story and called her a whore.
No one seemed to understand the burden this girl wore.
Yet everyone judges her and refuses to be a friend.
To a girl whose heart no one can fully mend.
“Always love yourself through thick and thin.” Her grandma said.
She said this to herself in the mirror every day before going to bed.
She rubbed her stomach and felt a heartbeat.
She wondered about the baby who she would soon meet.
“I will be a better mother than my own.” She said.
Her mother heard her and smacked her head.
The girl hit the tub and soon saw a red puddle.
She remembered when she used to feel cuddled.
Soon she woke up to a bright light.
She found out her baby lost its fight.
Sadness overcame her and she started to regress.
Failed her studies in school, no longer the best.
She just wanted the never-ending pain to stop.
Just like all the stares she got.
After a while, she changed for the better.
In her diary, she wrote her baby a letter.
She told the story as I have told you.
She swore to this promise, to always be true.
For everyone who feels her ache, she’ll be strong.
Let’s not judge others, for we do not know their tale.
Instead, we should give support to make others feel well.


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